Constance on the Edge


The film has opened my eyes and I want to be able to do something tangible to assist - what can I do to help?

Check out our ACTION TOOLKIT

There are countless grassroots groups based in local communities across Australia that provide a mix of welcome and support initiatives for people seeking asylum and refugees, as well as seeking to influence broad community views through education and awareness initiatives.

  • To LOCATE a local group:

The Refugee Council of Australia’s organisational membership

The Settlement Council of Australia’s member organisations

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre’s National Directory of Asylum Seeker Services

Millwood Consulting’s Mapping the Advocacy Capacity of the Refugee and Asylum Seeker Sector

  • To GET INVOLVED in community events and initiatives supporting people seeking asylum and refugees:

Welcome to Australia, Events and Initiatives

Refugee Council of Australia Take Action and Events Calendar

Multicultural NSW

Harmony Day

Asylum Seekers Centre

  • To VOLUNTEER your time, skills or experience:

Refugee Council of Australia and its member organisations

Australia’s specialist rehabilitation agencies working with survivors of torture and trauma

Register your interest in assisting to welcome refugees in NSW

  • To DONATE to organisations supporting people seeking asylum and refugees in Australia see:

Welcome to Australia

Refugee Council of Australia

Forum of Australian Services for Survivors of Torture and Trauma

  • To DONATE to organisations supporting people seeking asylum and refugees internationally see:

Australia for UNHCR

Film Aid

What can we do about casual racism?

Constance on the Edge highlights the debilitating impact that discrimination and racism can have – as well as how the simple acts of welcome and assistance from community members can make all the difference to how refugees settle in Australia.

The Racism. It stops With Me campaign aims to:

  • Ensure more Australians recognise that racism is unacceptable in our community
  • Give more Australians the tools and resources to take practical action against racism
  • Empower individuals and organisations to prevent and respond effectively to racism

All Together Now is Australia’s only national charity dedicated to erasing all forms of racism in Australia. All Together Now promotes the prevention of racism using creative, innovative, evidence-based and effective social marketing – including tools to safely speak up against racism.

The Racism No Way website provides anti-racism education for Australian schools.

The Australian Human Rights Commission website provides an online 'Building Belonging' toolkit with early education resources that encourage respect for cultural diversity and tackle racial prejudice in early childhood settings. Further info here.

How can I host a screening of Constance on the Edge?

Screenings of Constance on the Edge can be held anywhere in Australia, in any venue with a DVD player or data projector – workplaces, universities, or local community centres. There is also the opportunity for host organisations to screen the film in local cinemas.

Community groups can organise screenings as
 a fundraiser for their activities, or simply as a conversation starter, to bring the community together to talk about how everyone can play a part in welcoming refugees.

A Screening Kit has been developed to assist host organisations plan, promote and execute a successful Constance on the Edge screening event, wherever it is held.

Find out more about hosting a screening of Constance on the Edge at

See upcoming screenings around Australia