Constance on the Edge

Where can I host a screening of Constance on the Edge?

Screenings of Constance on the Edge can be hosted anywhere in Australia, in any venue with a DVD player or data projector – schools, workplaces, universities, or local community centres. There is also the opportunity for host organisations to screen the film in local cinemas.

How can I host a screening of Constance on the Edge?

Community groups can organise screenings as
 a fundraiser for their activities, or to simply educate and bring people together to talk about how everyone can play a part in welcoming refugees. This screening licence is available to purchase under SCREENINGS - HOST A SCREENING - COMMUNITY SCREENING for $175* and you organise the screening. 

If you choose to screen in a commercial cinema you can go through the hosting platform Fanforce under SCREENINGS - HOST A SCREENING -FANFORCE.

A comprehensive Screening Kit has been developed to assist host organisations plan, promote and execute a successful Constance on the Edge screening event, wherever it is held.

*Not available for cinema screenings 

Can my school hold a screening of Constance on the Edge?

Yes, the DVD and over 50 classroom activities across curriculum areas of PDHPE, English, History and Geography, plus 10 short video clips, are available to purchase for $65 under SCHOOLS - EDUCATION PACKAGE. 

The Education Package automatically grants an educational licence to screen the film and short clips on school premises, or at your workplace/s for training purposes, as many times as you choose. This licence extends to free screenings for parents, staff and for library use.

Can I watch at home?

Yes, you can stream on your mobile, tablet or computer device at any time. Check out the links under WATCH THE FILM.


Please feel free to contact us however, there are no paid employees - we are off making new films! So please be patient. We will endeavour to answer enquiries within 36 hours.