Constance on the Edge

REFUGEE WEEK 2017 - Screening Licence for Schools

Screening Fee

REFUGEE WEEK 2017 - Screening Licence for Schools

$ 50.00


This discounted licence enables SCHOOLS to host a one-off 'Constance on the Edge' screening celebrating Refugee Week 2017.

Your screening must take place between Sun 11 June and Sat 1 July 2017.

Upon payment, you can immediately download our digital toolkit to assist in planning and promoting your event, including:

  • Digital Screening Kit on how to make your screening a success
  • Discussion Guide for post film Q&A
  • An event 'run-sheet'
  • Digital artwork for invitations and posters
  • Template media release you can adapt to promote your screening on social media
  • On screen slide for audience 'Take Action' information
  • An 'Action Toolkit' for audiences

In early June we will send you:

  • A *DVD with a 77 minute version of 'Constance on the Edge'
  • A link to specially designed digital curriculum materials for Health and Physical Education; English, History and Geography targeted at years 9-12
  • A Refugee Week 'Constance on the Edge' trailer to promote the film on your social media
  • In Refugee Week we’ll also provide a free 5 minute clip from the film appropriate for younger viewers (Yrs 6 - 8), along with curriculum materials.

*If you are interested in hosting your screening at a cinema they may require a different screening format. Please contact our team at before purchasing a DVD licence, as there are additional costs involved.

For any other queries, or to arrange an alternate payment method, contact us at